President Declares a Political War He is Bound to Lose

President Obama’s speech to the nation last night – carried on cable news channels but not on the broadcast networks – was a declaration of political war, a war the president is almost certain to lose. How nakedly political was it? According to morning press reports, the address was subtitled in Spanish. Perhaps the White House has provided this service before, but I can’t find a record of it. That the president’s team decided to do it for, apparently, the first time this time only confirms the obvious. The speech was not about national policy or the national interest. It was about confrontation. And indeed its raw political purpose was the reason the major television networks gave on background for refusing to carry it. Read the entire piece here.

Here’s What ‘Gilmore Girls’ Has To Offer Our Culture

A month ago, the texts from my friends began rolling in: “‘Gilmore Girls’ is coming to Netflix!”

Judging by the “Most Popular on Netflix” feature, my friends and I aren’t the only ones excited that the former WB show is now available for unlimited binge-watching.

Read the entire piece here.

The GOP Establishment, the Tea Party and 2016

Sunday’s New York Times ran this top of the fold, front-page headline (left column, meaning the number two story of the day), “Before Battling Democrats, GOP is Fighting Itself.”

To some extent The Times was trying to stoke the flames of Republican division. Even so, the Tea Party v. the Establishment is all the buzz in Washington just now.  Will the Republicans rip themselves apart before Mitch McConnell even takes up the reins of the Senate majority leader?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Read the entire piece here.