A Communications Revolution

It’s remarkable that 40 years ago – as the Beatles sold countless singles about the call for revolution in government, culture, and consciousness – a communications revolution transpired and transformed our world in ways the counter-culture could have never dreamed.

As the WHWG unveils its new website, we want to acknowledge the Internet’s recent birthday and four decades of online communication.  It’s a tribute to how thoroughly this technology has transformed our lives that most of us don’t think twice about instant communication with dozens, thousands, even millions of people across the globe.

But, in the beginning, Defense Department research manager Bob Taylor didn’t see a budding revolution in his attempt to make electronic correspondence less frustrating.  As he said in an interview recently, “To get in touch with someone in Santa Monica through the computer, I’d sit in front of one terminal, but to do the same thing with someone in Massachusetts, I would have to get up and move over to another terminal.”

He realized he needed a network to connect all of his contacts – and from this a revolution was born. Taylor and countless others after him built the communications world we have today by addressing new needs with the best solution available.

Keeping up with the rapidly changing landscape of telecommunications can be challenging and at times daunting – even for communications professionals. Yet sometimes, in the midst of all the technological flash, it’s necessary to step back. Take stock. Determine what is needed and find the product or strategy that makes life less frustrating and success more likely.

The Internet began as a relatively minor solution to one man’s problems. The transformative part of the story was a decades-long process.  That’s why we are in a constant search for the best solutions to a client’s needs, not the latest mirage of instant revolution.