The Key to Speaker Training

Some people think that speaker training is all about loading the trainee with gestures, pauses, and all the elements of stage acting.  Wrong.

More than anything else, speaker training is about getting the speaker so comfortable with a text that his or her enthusiasm for the subject and natural charm can come out.

Most business people are very good extemporaneous speakers, a skill that requires a fast mind and a heightened sensitivity to the audience.  On the other hand, speaking from a text requires practice, practice, practice — practice until the text is so familiar that the speaker can stop thinking about the next word or sentence and start thinking about the idea being put across or the sale being made.

The first task in speaker training is getting the speaker to where he (or she) is prepared  to make that connection with the audience.

Clark Judge As Managing Director of the White House Writers Group, Clark Judge provides strategic communications counsel to clients in industries ranging from financial services to transportation to high technology.

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