Diplomacy & Intelligence: Strange Bedfellows

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2016 issue of the Intelligencer

Spies and diplomats; diplomats and spies. Funnily enough, each could use precisely Dorfman’s adage about the other.

Diplomacy – particularly effective diplomacy – depends on intelligence – particularly effective intelligence. For the purposes of this article, we use “diplomacy” to mean strategically purposeful official communication between and among governments intended to persuade other governments to cooperate with one’s own position or course of action, or to motivate collaboration on a collective solution to an international problem.

By intelligence, we mean the collection by official governmental means of information on foreign parties and events/developments that is not otherwise publically available, along with forecasts and analyses, which may combine this information with other openly collected or public-source information, to support policymakers’ decision-making and/or military acquisition, deployment, or employment decisions.

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