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Allan Golombek

Allan Golombek has more than 20 years communications experience as a speechwriter, journalist, and public affairs consultant. His work has encompassed such public policy issues as financial and banking regulation, health care, trade, justice and criminal law reform, and housing.

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Doug Badger

Doug has been working at the intersection of business, communications, and public affairs for nearly 20 years.

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Joshua Gilder

One of the founding directors of the White House Writers Group, Joshua Gilder served President Reagan as a senior speechwriter from early 1985 until mid-1988.

Our People

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Eileen Doherty A former White House aide to President Reagan, Eileen Doherty has years of experience in corporate communications strategy and public policy analysis.
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G. Philip Hughes G. Philip Hughes draws on a wealth of high-level foreign policy experience in developing and managing message campaigns for international companies.


“The White House Writers Group is unapologetically pro-business and pro- markets.” Founded by a group of former White House speechwriters, WHWG combines policy and communications expertise to achieve results critical for clients across a broad range of industries. WHWG focuses on substance, innovative messaging and strategy, especially with complicated regulatory challenges so common in today’s political environment. The firm draws on an elite network of relationships with influencers and policy experts to move issues among policymakers, regulators and opinion leaders. WHWG also excels in simplifying these messages and driving them from grassroots to grasstops.
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