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When Is Social Networking Useless?

Seth Godin spoke before the American Express OPEN conference and explained when social networking is useless.

It boiled down to basically, it’s useless when it’s fake.  Just like in the real world, networking is only worthwhile when real substantial relationships are being cultivated.

Now, I’d add one grain of salt.  That is that for some applications of social networking, you are looking for volume and you can get away with have “less real” relationships by making up for normal symbiosis with other items of value (contests, discounts, etc).

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Digital Services

Thinking through social media for business

Digital social media has been a growing phenomenon for a long time, but 2009 marked a new high in terms of traditional businesses and media interest in the field.  As 2010 begins, companies that are looking to begin their foray into social media should do so carefully.

A good consulting firm will not recommend the same social media approach for every client.  Depending on your objective, there are a broad range of levels of engagement that could be appropriate.

Brian Solis has a helpful post today outlining his 10 steps of integrating social media into your business.