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State of the Union 2013

Managing director Clark S. Judge outlined his predictions for what President Obama will say in his February 12th State of the Union address for Ricochet.

Facing a Congress in the hands of the other party as he started his second term, Bill Clinton was accommodating, not confrontational. Facing a divided Congress, so was Ronald Reagan.

The results: Reagan achieved tax reform. Had it not been for the scandal he brought on himself, Clinton could have achieved Social Security reform. Today, with one house of Congress in the hands of the opposition (in this sense, the election was a tie), the president is playing as if he held all the cards.

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Hoover Institution

Raised the Washington, D.C., profile of one of the world’s great centers of independent thinking.


Verizon Communications

The White House Writers Group has consulted to the Washington and General Counsel’s offices at Verizon since 2001.