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No Women, No Problem for GOP Health Policy Group

Republican leaders in the Senate have been criticized for not naming any female members to the working group tasked with crafting a health-care bill to replace the Affordable Care Act. The New York Times called the creation of the all-male group “a move to placate the right.” Democrats pounced on the opportunity to reprise their reliable Republicans-hate-women refrain while simultaneously excoriating the House-passed bill. This only demonstrates that the left continues to misunderstand conservative women.

15 Experts on SEO tips for 2013

Geir Ellefsen from interviews 15 experts in the technology field on what to expect and how to optimize search engine results in 2013. Check out the great insight here.

Why Everyone Needs A Digital Media Strategy

Fresh Tilled Soil

Whether you are selling umbrellas out of your home or medical equipment to every major hospital in the country, the failure of some businesses and the success of others relates directly to a company’s ability to adapt to a web-based world. It’s not presumptive to suggest that without a comprehensive digital strategy all businesses face an uphill battle. Harnessing the advantages of this tech tidal wave while understanding why and how it is superior to the way your business used to function, could be difference between bankruptcy and booming business.

Read the rest of this great outline here.

Politicians Will Spend Up To 12% Of Their Campaign Budgets On Digital Media


The 2012 U.S Presidential Election was the most digital election in the history of the country. In the election cycle, $9 billion was spent on campaigns across the country. Of that, $159.2 million was spent online, a 616% increase compared to 2008.

Learn more through Mashable’s great infographic here

Social Media As A Political Tool On The Rise

A recent research report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project says that “the use of social media is becoming a feature of political and civic engagement for many Americans.” Sixty percent 2,253 U.S. adults surveyed use social-networking sites including Facebook and Twitter, and of these users, 66 percent have conducted either civil or political activity through this communication channel.

Read the full article from CBS News here.


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The Next Billion Internet Users: What Will They Look Like?

Since 2006, the number of internet users has nearly doubled. It makes us wonder what that means for the demographics or users and their experience on the web. You can access the internet from your phone, tablet, or computer, and each experience is different. What do the next billion internet users look like?

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New at the firm

White House Writers Group’s newest senior director Anneke E. Green was profiled in National Journal’s People column.

The former aide in the speechwriting office of President George W. Bush was named a senior director at the White House Writers Group, a political consulting firm founded in 1993 by Clark S. Judge and Joshua Gilder, former speechwriters for President Reagan. Green is already engaged in matching editorials to suitable publications on behalf of the firm’s clients.

“You always have to ask yourself, ‘Who is the audience? Where would there be a natural fit in terms of raising awareness for an issue or advocating something?’ ” she says. “Each publication has its own interests or focus. For example, you wouldn’t try to place a piece on farming practices in The Wall Street Journal.”

Read the full interview here.

Media Ignores Leftist Bolivian President’s Assault on Justice

They say ‘A good man is hard to find.’  But not in Bolivia, where so many good men are locked up, exiled, or under politically motivated indictments thanks to the Movement Toward Socialism government of President Evo Morales’s abuse of a judciary that he now controls.  The deafening silence of the media and liberal NGO’s about this judicial abuse — in Bolivia and elsewhere among Latin America’s left-wing, populist governments — underscores their selective attention and hypocrisy on an issue that is supposed to be sacred to their cause.

To read the entire piece in, please click here.

Obama’s Student Loan Proposal Won’t Lower College Costs

In a recent article Senior White House Writers Group Director Joshua Gilder makes a case for lowering tuition cost by doing the  unthinkable — asking academics to actually put in a full 40 hour work week.

To read Mr. Gilders’s entire posting, please follow this link.

Is Bolivia’s Government Handling Social Unrest Well?

In a comment for the Inter-American Dialogue’s Latin America Adviser, Senior Director G. Philip Hughes suggests that populist Bolivian President Evo Morales deserves to reap the whirlwind of class- and ethnically-based protest that his policies and divisive politics have sown.

To read Mr. Hughes’s entire commentary please click here.

Why President Obama’s Nuclear Weapons Policy Is Dangerous

In a recent article, White House Writers Group Mark Davis takes a broad look at why President Obama’s plan to unilaterally draw down the US strategic arsenal is profoundly dangerous.

To read Mr. Davis’s article, please click here.