Corporate Responsibility

WHWG Corporate Responsibility (CR) takes a market-oriented approach to CR consulting.

We align CR activities with your business goals, promoting meaningful benefits to society while delivering value to shareholders and investors.

We have a deep understanding of business growth and innovation strategies and can help clients achieve their corporate objectives in the context of political and social challenges.

We specialize in three critical areas: compliance, competition and communications.

 Socially Responsible or Just Irresponsible Reporting?

Josh Gilder said it best when he wrote “the primary flaw in most thinking about corporate responsibility is that it assumes that all profit-making corporations are rapacious predators.”

That’s certainly the perspective American Public Media’s Marketplace holds toward American business. A recent report looked at the effect the BP oil spill has had on socially responsible investing.

At the heart of the conversation was the notion that oil and gas companies are inherently bad and therefore any direct – or indirect – investment in them is inherently irresponsible. Read

Working 9-5…What a Way to Make a Livin’

Dolly Parton may have had it right when she recorded that song in 1980, but the days of juggling it all in a 9am-5pm world are numbered.

Newsweek has a great article about how the down economy is actually helping change the culture of corporate America, by encouraging more flexible workdays:

Now, one in five Americans works mostly nonstandard hours—nights, weekends, or rotating shifts. Experts believe that statistic will balloon in coming years as the Great Recession accelerates a cultural shift in the corporate world, allowing more employees to tailor their work schedules to preference, position, and personal life. Read

Are Americans Still Giddy for Green?

Thursday is Earth Day – it also marks the 40th anniversary of the environmental movement.  And while being green is very much in vogue today, it appears to be a trend on its way out.

It’s hard to avoid the green message  – it permeates television, movies, online social networking sites, corporate messaging and the fashion industry. And businesses regularly seek out ways to balance the environment with their bottom line.  But the question is: With all this eco-focused media and entertainment, are Americans still giddy for green? Read