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 When talking to Brussels, go for clarity and humility

This is a story I heard in Brussels.  A globally prominent CEO was having troubles with the EU’s competition commission.  He announced he was coming to town.  He arrived with a fleet of black cars.  He insisted on a reserved elevator to take him to his meeting.

The result: His company’s troubles with the commission continued for years.

Remember two things in dealing with Brussels.

First, the commission staff is made up of genuine experts in their fields.  If you talk to them knowledgeably and with clarity, they will listen and they will hear.

Second, treat the staff with respect.  Don’t sweep in like the king of the world.  Show some humility.  The staff knows you have your job to do.  Show that you know they have theirs.

What Do Opposition Electoral Gains Mean for Ecuador?

Inter-American Dialogues

The municipal defeats of President Correa’s Alianza Pais in Ecuador’s 10 largest cities, including Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca, in last month’s elections do not signal the end for Correa’s government, but perhaps the beginning of the end. The losses were due to a host of differing local issues and can’t necessarily be read as a referendum on Correa, whose term runs through 2017 in any case. The opposition remains divided and lacks a comparably prominent leaders — though the election results may give Quito’s new mayor, Mauricio Rodas, a chance to audition for that role. 

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Marking a Milestone

The Council of American Ambassadors – the association of current and former Presidentially-appointed non-career U.S. Ambassadors – is about to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Anticipating the anniversary, the State Department’s State Magazine invited the Council to contribute a testimonial reviewing its first 30 years. WHWG Senior Director Philip Hughes, who serves as the Senior Vice President and Secretary of the Council, contributed the following testimonial:

In 1983, three distinguished former U.S. envoys—Ambassador to Switzerland Marvin Warner, Ambassador to Austria Milton Wolf and Deputy Permanent Representative to the U.N. William vanden Heuvel—saw the need for an organization for former presidentially appointed noncareer U.S. ambassadors. With few exceptions, these appointees, on completing their service, returned to private life. Beyond the occasional memoir or re-appointment, their knowledge, skills and experiences were lost to the U.S. foreign affairs community and they lost touch with that community themselves…

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