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 How Not to Deal with the Press

A California PR man demonstrates that high-touch contact with the press is not the best way to go.

15 Experts on SEO tips for 2013

Geir Ellefsen from edgyseo.com interviews 15 experts in the technology field on what to expect and how to optimize search engine results in 2013. Check out the great insight here.

Why Everyone Needs A Digital Media Strategy

Fresh Tilled Soil

Whether you are selling umbrellas out of your home or medical equipment to every major hospital in the country, the failure of some businesses and the success of others relates directly to a company’s ability to adapt to a web-based world. It’s not presumptive to suggest that without a comprehensive digital strategy all businesses face an uphill battle. Harnessing the advantages of this tech tidal wave while understanding why and how it is superior to the way your business used to function, could be difference between bankruptcy and booming business.

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