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Allan Golombek

Allan Golombek has more than 20 years communications experience as a speechwriter, journalist, and public affairs consultant. His work has encompassed such public policy issues as financial and banking regulation, health care, trade, justice and criminal law reform, and housing.

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Rupert Darwall

London-based Rupert Darwall has two decades’ experience in finance and public policy, specialising in the intersection of the two.

Our People

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Eileen Doherty A former White House aide to President Reagan, Eileen Doherty has years of experience in corporate communications strategy and public policy analysis.
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G. Philip Hughes G. Philip Hughes draws on a wealth of high-level foreign policy experience in developing and managing message campaigns for international companies.


Listen. Respond. Engage.

Online and social media strategies have three basic levels: listening, responding, and engaging.  Not every company needs an engaging presence on all the major social networks.  However, the reality is that every brand, idea, and product is being discussed online and you need to at least be aware of those conversations.

Social Media Monitoring

We provide online and social media monitoring and analysis to give clients a clear indication of where they stand with relevant groups.  Our reports help shape traditional and online communications efforts by identifying the flow of influence and information.  We help clients determine what online situations are worth responding to and how they should respond.  Volume is not the main objective, it is value.

Valuable Digital Properties

We design, build, and manage high-quality digital properties for clients which include websites, custom social networks, and presences on existing social networks.  Our talented copywriters and strategists make sure clients derive the maximum value from these properties.

Search Engine Optimization and Other Services

Search engine optimization and search engine marketing are critical components of online outreach and advocacy.  Other services also include traditional products like PowerPoint presentations and video production and editing.

Beyond the Front Page

Beyond the Front Page

Beyond the Front Page is a weekly summary of facts and figured, broadly focused on U.S. and international economic issues.

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