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BUY KETAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, In a speech Tuesday night, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein reportedly apologized for his company’s role in the financial markets crisis, saying, “We participated in things that were clearly wrong and have reason to regret.”

Apologies are always tricky business for people or organizations under siege in the media. Buy KETAZOLAM without a prescription, Sometimes they can be helpful. When an individual or company is clearly at fault for something, KETAZOLAM description, After KETAZOLAM, a quick apology, full explanation of what went wrong and why, online buying KETAZOLAM hcl, No prescription KETAZOLAM online, and commitment to correcting the error can stanch public disapproval.

In other cases, fast shipping KETAZOLAM, Low dose KETAZOLAM, apologies can sound forced and insincere, like the schoolyard bully forced to apologize to his latest victim, KETAZOLAM wiki. Buy no prescription KETAZOLAM online, These apologies generally reinforce negative ideas about the person or institution issuing the apology. “They just don’t get it,” even if they want us to believe they do, BUY KETAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION.

A third category is the unnecessary apology, real brand KETAZOLAM online, Order KETAZOLAM online c.o.d, or the guilty conscience apology. This is likely where Blankfein’s apology falls, doses KETAZOLAM work. KETAZOLAM from canadian pharmacy, Given the CEO’s full-throated defense of Goldman’s business practices in recent months, the apology Tuesday night is most likely a reaction to the ongoing negative storyline about Goldman, KETAZOLAM results. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, But the storyline isn’t really about Goldman doing anything wrong; it’s about Goldman being too well-connected and using public largess to amplify its effective business practices. BUY KETAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Goldman is too successful at the wrong time. Enormous compensation packages rub salt in the wound, rx free KETAZOLAM. KETAZOLAM brand name, Blankfein’s apology is essentially an attempt to say, “We feel your pain.” He still believes the company has acted responsibly toward society, KETAZOLAM schedule, Purchase KETAZOLAM online no prescription, shareholders, and employees, is KETAZOLAM safe, Where can i buy KETAZOLAM online, but he thinks he’s got to say something to indicate he’s aware of public perception.

The problem with such a statement is that it will gain the company nothing, KETAZOLAM no rx. KETAZOLAM gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, No one who despises Goldman will believe the apology is sincere. And people who might otherwise have held Goldman blameless for the financial crisis now have evidence that maybe the bank does deserve some blame, BUY KETAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION. If the CEO is apologizing, where can i order KETAZOLAM without prescription, KETAZOLAM pics, it must be because the company did something wrong.

Furthermore, the timing of the apology was unfortunate, coming the same day as Goldman’s announcement of its 10,000 Small Businesses initiative, a $500 million effort to provide education, mentoring, and capital to help small businesses grow. The idea was some time in the making and is an effective corporate responsibility program because it’s rooted in Goldman’s business model and genuinely beneficial to society.

But today the media packaged the announcement with Blankfein’s apology and the news theme is that 10,000 Small Businesses is basically an act of penance – and a cheap one at that, representing “less than 3 percent of Goldman’s employee compensation pool,” as ABC news noted.

The tough thing about being Public Enemy #1 on any particular issue is that everything you say will be held against you. That heightens the need for smart communications and delicate timing.

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IMITREX FOR SALE, Does Goldman Sachs have a God problem. A God complex. IMITREX canada, mexico, india, An ungodly headache.

Goldman, once a venerable institution known for keeping close counsel, IMITREX gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, is now a lightning rod for populist criticism of the financial sector. IMITREX no rx, And its latest public relations efforts don’t seem to be helping.

The bank’s very success – turning a profit in excess of $3 billion last quarter – is exacerbating the problem, IMITREX FOR SALE. Americans are in no mood to celebrate Wall Street success. With deepening bonus pools and bulked up compensation packages, where can i order IMITREX without prescription, Goldman isn’t winning any friends. Generic IMITREX, Goldman is also facing scrutiny over its neighborly relations with US officials. Revelations that former Treasury Secretary and Goldman chief Hank Paulson met with his former colleagues last year in Moscow didn’t ease anyone’s concern that the Treasury-led financial sector bailout was a little too convenient for Goldman. IMITREX FOR SALE, Even though Goldman Sachs has paid back its TARP funds with interest – and professes to never having needed the money in the first place – the perception is taking hold that even when Goldman Sachs doesn’t get direct help from the government, it benefits tangentially from other federal action, for instance the AIG bailout or the Federal Reserve’s asset stabilization policies.

Given the increased scrutiny, no prescription IMITREX online, Goldman has been on a bit of a media blitz, IMITREX samples, with CEO Lloyd Blankfein talking up the bank’s positive social benefits and his own working-class roots. For a while, Blankfein was doing a decent job of it in an interview with John Arlidge of the Times of London, IMITREX without prescription, printed Sunday. About IMITREX, Blankfein didn’t apologize for Goldman Sachs making its employees rich. To the contrary, when asked if it was possible for people to make too much money, IMITREX use, Blankfein responded, Low dose IMITREX, “Is it possible to have too much ambition. Is it possible to be too successful?"

No, and for good reason, IMITREX FOR SALE. In Blankfein’s telling, Goldman improves lives outside the firm, IMITREX pics. “We help companies to grow by helping them to raise capital, Is IMITREX addictive, ” he tells Arlidge. “Companies that grow create wealth. This, australia, uk, us, usa, in turn, IMITREX coupon, allows people to have jobs that create more growth and more wealth. IMITREX FOR SALE, It’s a virtuous cycle…. We have a social purpose."

This is a solid argument. Few people who don’t love banks will be won over to it, buy IMITREX from canada, but it’s intellectually honest and gives the bank’s defenders (inside and outside) a talking point with which to parry detractors. What is IMITREX, Blankfein also seems to have a realistic understanding of his and his company’s place in the world. “[P]eople are pissed off, mad, buy no prescription IMITREX online, and bent out of shape…. I know I could slit my wrists and people would cheer."

And he’s comfortable deploying some self-deprecating humor, IMITREX FOR SALE. IMITREX interactions, "Aha. You catch us plotting in real time," he remarks when meeting Arlidge alongside a group of executives, buy generic IMITREX. He adds, Rx free IMITREX, “It’s like a safari here. You’ve come in to look at the animals."

But it’s ultimately the humor that does in Blankfein. IMITREX FOR SALE, Near the end of the story’s narrative, Arlidge relates an exchange with Blankfein in which the CEO mocks piety and, with “an impish grin,” claims he is simply “doing God’s work.”

I trust no PR flak was near Blankfein at the time, or else the poor soul’s immediate unwinding would have been mentioned in the story.

The God remark of course became the story (a story that actually tells a balanced tale of what Goldman means to the financial sector, online IMITREX without a prescription, the government, IMITREX australia, uk, us, usa, its employees, and the public). It made it into the headline and was discussed in every other major news outlet – print, order IMITREX no prescription, Web, IMITREX images, and TV – over the next two days.

The humor – the impishness – mostly got lost in translation and the impression left was of a Wall Street big shot with a much-too-high opinion of himself and his firm.

The lesson. It’s a little bit obvious, but companies and executives in delicate public relations situations have to be ultra-cautious when speaking with the press – or be prepared to spend a lot of time and energy explaining nuanced comments, IMITREX FOR SALE.

It’s confusing for executives because they’re often told that people like public figures who aren’t afraid to speak their minds and show a little personality. But what’s left out of that advice is that you have to possess at least a dollop of goodwill to pull off politically incorrect comments.

As flush as Goldman’s balance sheet might be, its goodwill vault is empty. Best to keep the jokes to a minimum and be boring with the press.

The good news is that Goldman’s got a lot of experience being boring.

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