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Three Steps to Boost a Bank’s Image

With the holiday party season in full swing, bankers across America are faced with a dilemma: Do I tell people what I do for a living?

Bankers today fall just below lawyers and persnickety salespeople in the public’s esteem. Even President Obama pulled out the old pejorative “fat cats” to describe Wall Street types – and remind the public that these portly felines were at the root of the financial crisis we’ve endured.

Bankers aren’t used to this kind of scrutiny. No longer answerable only to shareholders or directors, bank leaders now have to consider how their institutions are being viewed in Washington and in communities across America.

So how can bankers burnish their image at a time like this? Here are three ideas: Read

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Analyzing Campaign Speechwriting on Norwegian TV

Last fall, Clark S. Judge appeared on Norwegian television to discuss President Obama’s speeches from the 2008 campaign.  He addresses the role of speech writing in a campaign environment and other important factors that anyone communicating with varied audiences across multiple mediums should keep in mind.


Gulf Oil Speech: Administration Dead in the Water

It is no news now, but on Tuesday last week, President Obama delivered the least effective Oval Office address since Jimmy Carter’s “malaise” speech. Why?

It wasn’t just the awkward use of his hands, the hackneyed and inappropriate wartime metaphors, the equally banal “if we could land a man on the moon” drivel. All that was bad enough, but more devastating was the gulf between obvious fact and the speech’s fiction. Read