Anneke E. Green

Anneke E. Green has written extensively under her own byline and for principals at the highest levels of government and political leadership.

As a member of President George W. Bush’s speechwriting team, she worked on State of the Union addresses, Iraq & Afghanistan operations updates, and domestic policy speeches like Head Start, environmental initiatives, and Medicare & Social Security reform.

At Regnery Publishing, she edited books by top leaders of the conservative movement. As Assistant Editorial Page Editor, then Deputy Editor, Op-Eds at The Washington Times, she wrote editorials on politics and culture and oversaw the op-ed pages of the Commentary section.

She began her career working for Senator Mitch McConnell, first in his personal office, then as an assistant in his Majority Whip operation.

She is a contributor to BBC News and RealClearPolitics. She is on Twitter: @AnnekeEGreen