DOUG Gamble

Doug Gamble is among the nation’s star writers of humor and “soundbites.”

A veteran of both Hollywood and Washington, Mr. Gamble has crafted material for Joan Rivers, Rodney Dangerfield and Bob Hope, as well as for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush and a wide variety of other political leaders. He has also contributed to the speeches of innumerable corporate CEOs.

In two Presidential elections Gamble’s lines were universally judged the defining statements of the campaign. In 1984, it was his quip for Mr. Reagan: “They see an America in which every day is April 15; we see an America in which every day is July 4th.” In 1988, it was the question from Mr. Bush’s celebrated acceptance speech: “[W]hen you have to change horses in midstream, doesn’t it make sense to switch to the one who’s going the same way?”

In recent years Mr. Gamble has worked with almost all of the nation’s top Republicans, including California Governor Pete Wilson. In 1994 he provided Mr. Wilson with much of the material that fueled the Governor’s stunning come-from-behind victory.

Mr. Gamble’s corporate work has been for chief executive officers in industries ranging from information technology, to consumer products, to financial services. His material has been quoted in the business media worldwide.

Doug Gamble lives in Carmel, California.