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Matt Sabas is a research director with the White House Writers Group. In his role, he manages WHWG's digital media and research team and advises food, agriculture, tech, and international clients on a variety of US and EU regulatory issues.

Previously, Matt has been a member of the policy team at the Institute for Energy Research and a researcher with the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research. At IER, Matt analyzed the impact of environmental regulations on energy markets and contributed blogs, policy briefs, and op-eds on a variety of topics, including energy poverty, cronyism, and grid reliability. Matt managed digital media content for Economics21 at the Manhattan Institute, and has published columns on corporate welfare, fiscal and trade policy.

Prior to joining MI, Matt completed a fellowship in welfare studies at the Heritage Foundation. Born in Philadelphia and raised in Loudoun, Virginia, Matt currently resides in Washington, DC. He holds a BA in Government from the College of William & Mary.