Part consulting firm, PR firm, ad agency, and think tank, WHWG has the right mix of talent, expertise, and experience to address all your strategic communications needs.


We create custom-built comprehensive communications solutions for clients big and small in a wide variety of industries all around the world. 

We use our deep understanding of the issues of the day and people behind them to communicate effectively with policymakers, journalists, influencers, consumers, and voters alike. 

We specialize in:

  • running strategic communications campaigns involving complex legal and regulatory issues

  • saving clients from existential crises caused by litigation, activist attacks, and regulatory overkill

  • translating intricate legal, financial, and scientific concepts for whoever needs to hear them

  • reshaping hostile narratives and countering misperceptions to combat reputational challenges

  • building broad issue-based alliances in support of our clients' positions

  • creating media opportunities to establish our clients as thought leaders in their fields

Our campaigns range from targeted communications aimed at specific lawmakers, regulators, and jurists, to the creation of powerful networks and broad-based coalitions to carry our clients' messages across industries, agencies, and/or national boundaries.

In short, we develop winning strategies and devise creative ways to explain and deliver our clients' messages to the people who need to hear them most.


  • Op-eds, fact sheets, speeches, policy papers, blog entries, website content, social media posts, etc.

  • Digital advocacy, strategy, & marketing

  • Conferences and panel discussions

  • Issued-based alliances and coalitions

  • Media outreach and earned media endorsements

  • TV and online advertising, short films, feature films

  • Writing/speaking/media training sessions for clients

  • Policy dinners, speaking tours, & other targeted messaging events

  • Surveys of laws & regulations; research for articles, books, & studies